Stampede by Mike Morris

April 12th , 2015, Far North.

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April 12th 2015 – At 6am I awoke to the sound of Tui’s and a dark sky, soon the sun came out slowly over the hills over to the east of us, and no wind ! (welcome relief from the last week solid of wet and windy weather) What an awesome place to wake , on the start line at the Rotorcross Stampede event in Kaeo ( far north), hosted by Christopher Maca. Chris had been working on this course since late february


The day quickly started with the rest of the competitors arriving mid morning (5 including me had stayed overnite) , and practice started, Mini multirotors Whizzing around an amazing track that went further than any track had been made in New Zealand yet. Wide white lines for keeping racers on track along with flags and danger tape marking the rest of the flying area, everything came together on this nice piece of land.


Racing started at 10:30am, I was in the first race, and being new to it , quickly crashed out. The race carried on to be an awesome sight,  With Ian Richardson taking first place (and then proceded to clean up almost every race he entered !) . For the rest of the racing (10 SPEC and 5 OPEN class races)there were a few spectacular crashes , Christopher Maca managed to destroy a FPV camera, but luckily  was at the event, so he could buy another. I myself had a Nice crash in my second race, where i ran full speed into a pile of fence posts, and my Mobius camera was destroyed, ,but that’s racing, The biggest crash of the day was Stephan Knapp  during the last last race. He was moving so fast when he crashed that  a carbon fibre plate snapped on his blackout frame (almost unheard of).

Hobby Trend Prizes

Prizes – A Nice RC hel i and Micro Quad as prizes were sponsored by Hobby Trend (Auckland) and brought up to the event by Mike Faulkner. Christopher Maca won the Heli, and Stephan Knapp won the micro quad. Both were picked by a random draw.

Most Improved Award IVrotor and Rotorstore

A full set (4) of T Motors were donated by, and  I won them for being “the most improved on the day”and was also presented with a trophy for the same, donated by .

We Also had a Professional Photographer Show up from Aerial Vision in kerikeri to take some Pictures and video for us with his gigantic S900 It was a beautiful piece of kit and something to see while it hovered around taking photos of us while we posed for them,  Both SPEC and OPEN class were a sight to behold. I am defiantly am looking forward to the next event up this way at the North Shore MAC on the 10th of May!

Article written by Mike Morris. Photos by various people who attended.

Note by Mat Wellington – this sport (FPV multirotor racing )continues to grow at a rapid pace (we have 32 pilots currently racing), this Kaeo Event was our 4th round out of about 20 being held  from March 2015 to March 2016, events happen from the far north down to the deep south. Lots of fun, lots of banter , and LOTS of flying ! You can race for fun and for points. Come and check out the action when an event is held in your area.

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