How do I start ?

Admitting you have an addiction to FPV flying and Multirotors is the first step of the process.

Finding help and support in a group is the second step, so join the closed RotorCrossNZ group on Facebook (all our discussions are on Facebook).

If you are very new to multirotors, then I suggest also joining RotorCross For Beginners created by Claudia Crow, very helpfull group of people to get you started. Quite a few of our good pilots and builders have joined to help you out.

RotorCross is now using the MultiGP race management system.
We have divided New Zealand up into groups, to promote more GRASS ROOTS racing and helping our new guys get up to speed (pun intended) while allowing points series races without all the travel.
You need to do a couple of things.
1- sign up with MultiGP
2 -join the chapter(s) you wish to race with
3 – join the National Chapter.
You will get email updates every time a chapter you have joined lists an event. this make sit nice and easy.
The Chapters are –

The Chapters are –—National—Auckland-and-Districts—Wellington-Region
now SIGN UP !

4 Responses to How do I start ?

  1. Grant Craig says:

    Hi there, was so impressed with the stuff article that I have started looking for a drone.
    No luck there.
    I am in chch would love to know where to get a drone and accessories (googles etc) and what sort of cost to set up would there be. Have started flying aircraft , so have 6ch radio gear , (if that’s what is required) just need some advice.
    Look forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi Grant, best way is to jump into our facebook groups, the one for beginners is geared at helping people such as yourself into the sport, what to buy etc. We will, time allowing get some guides posted up here

  3. Grant Craig says:

    Hi , thank you for your replies. Has anyone used the Mach 25. RC hobbies are getting this in, or know about the Walkera Runner 250 RTF FPV Drone (Aliexpress)

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