RotorCross uses MultiGP race management Software

RotorCross is now using the MultiGP race management system.
We have divided New Zealand up into groups, to promote more GRASS ROOTS racing and helping our new guys get up to speed (pun intended) while allowing points series races without all the travel.
The Current RotorCross Championship will continue until Feb 2016, and , and a new one will start after that.
You need to do a couple of things.
1- sign up with MultiGP
2 -join the chapter(s) you wish to race with
3 – join the National Chapter.
You will get email updates every time a chapter you have joined lists an event. this make sit nice and easy.
We will continue with our current class rules and race format, we will review this in November, with any changes effective after March 2016.
The Chapters are –
Far North – Christopher Maca​
Auckland – Ian Richardson​—Auckland-and-Districts
East Coast and Lakes – AJ Christensen​
South Island -Ashton Witte
Wellington Region -Cheye Cheye Moran​—Wellington-Region
National Chapter for special rounds – Me—National

now SIGN UP !

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Champ Round South 28th August Lake Forsythe

Results from the days racing, well done all who entered, including those travelling from Auckland !

SPEC Class

Place 1 SPEC Alex Hewson 100 points
Place 1 SPEC Cameron Shields 100 points
Place 3 SPEC Ashton Witte 78 points
Place 3 SPEC Ian Richardson 78 points
Place 5 SPEC Claudia Crow 56 points
Place 5 SPEC Mike Falkner 56 points
Place 7 SPEC George Prattley 33 points
Place 8 SPEC Daniel Brown 22 points
Place 9 SPEC Chris Robertson 11 points
Place 9 SPEC Harry Loughnan 11 points
Place 9 SPEC Marcus Sargent 11 points
Place 9 SPEC Timothy Gordon 11 points

OPEN Class

Place 1 OPEN Ian Richardson 100 points
Place 2 OPEN Ashton Witte 88 points
Place 3 OPEN Mike Falkner 75 points
Place 4 OPEN George Prattley 63 points
Place 5 OPEN Cameron Shields 50 points
Place 5 OPEN Daniel Brown 50 points
Place 7 OPEN Claudia Crow 25 points
Place 8 OPEN Alex Hewson 13 points
Place 8 OPEN Chris Robertson 13 points
Place 8 OPEN Timothy Gordon 13 points

Next race meeting, 13th of September Trentham – Lower Hutt

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Plays of the week #1

Very first ‘Plays of the week” , produced by Gareth Evans !

The idea is to get us out and flying and sharing footage. Hopefully some people try to start pushing what’s possible just to get “that shot”.
Submit your clips by emailing a wetransfer, yousendit,, dropbox (or similar) link to
Please do not email the whole file, or an uncut video.
Also email if you would like to be involved with the production crew, in the form of preparing title sequences, overlays etc.
The week will run from Sunday to Sunday with a grace day for submissions on Monday (entries close at 9pm) – this means that if you shoot your video on a Monday, it will be in the following week, but you have a day to submit your clip(s) from the weekend.
The POW video will have 5-10 (depending on number of submissions) clips ranked by a small group of judges and be out Thursday or Friday on the Rotorcross NZ channel and posted in the group.
If we don’t get many submissions then it might end up being plays of the month smile emoticon
If we get heaps of submissions in the future, we might look at community voting.
In the future, we may look at doing guest interviews, sponsor plugs, guest voice-overs and/or prizes as part of the series.
There are no prizes on offer initially but if you would like to donate something as a prize then email the details through.
General rules:
* Please do not email the whole file, or an uncut video.
* Videos should be submitted as downloadable file (not youtube link or email attachments)
* Videos should be current (no snow in summer)
* 1 to 2 entries per week per pilot (person)
For the purposes of the final product, a play is any of:
* a cool line or impressive
* a great crash
* a near miss
* an awesome flip or inverted dive etc.
* racing footage
* accidental landing
* multi-rotor recovery operation (e.g. tree climbing)
* tree/foliage close up inspection
It -does not- have to be from an event, it can just be you out flying and having fun
Your video should be:
* no longer than 30 seconds (except where agreed)
* submitted in at least 720p, 30fps from a gopro, xiaomi or mobius action cam or similar
* submitted as a file but cut to duration
* single shot, may include multiple camera angles and/or cameras. Can include time warping and ramping to speed through a slow bit. Must be sequential/chronological though. Total time must be sub 30 sec.
* in format h264 mp4 preferred
* have no music/audio added
* original motor sound is okay (though we will do voiceovers and music)
* have no captions or post production (except where agreed, or picture in picture with DVR)
* DVR footage is allowed if no alternative is available
* have no sponsor branding in the clip (this will be edited out or video will be ineligible)
* accompanied with a few lines of copy/story for use in the voiceover (where applicable)
* have your instagram, twitter, youtube address, nickname etc supplied for identification (in the email)
* if you are sponsored, supplied with a 1 page still-frame with sponsor logos (in the email)
* you must have full rights to the video content (meaning you shot it yourself or someone shot it for you and you were flying – fixed camera or chase) and grant the use of this to Rotorcross NZ for the purposes of the plays of the week and promotion. You cannot submit someone elses’ video except where permission is written and supplied with the entry
* video does not have to be local (e.g. we will accept international entries) but we would like to try and keep this NZ based initially.
* submitted by emailing a wetransfer, yousendit,, dropbox (or similar) link to
* submitted by 9pm Monday night for the previous week’s entry
* one clip per file
* fully legal and abiding by all CAA rules and airspace restrictions
If you have any suggestions, corrections, queries etc, please post them below. These rules and guidelines are not final.

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Rotorcross at the CRC Speedshow

The rotorcross guys and gals were invited to put on a demonstration on the Saturday and Sunday of the CRC Speedshow (18/19 july )

Day 1 was a disaster with a weather bomb ripping thru the venue, destroying gazebos and drenching everthing in water !

Day two was a different story. Enjoy the video edited by Ian Richardson !

Special thanks to our sponsors and

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Seven Sharp Interviews Ian Richardson

Seven sharp Interviewed our very own Ian Richardson. Gareth Evans, Stephan Knapp, Ryan Haste, Ervin Vendel and Lee McKenzie came along to do the stunt flying – well done everyone !

All about racing drones ! RotorCross and RotorCrossNZ

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RotorCross featured on TV 3

On the news tonite, our racers from ChristChurch ! well done boys !

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Want To Race MiniQuads ?

Hello New People ? want to join the largest group of multirotor racers in New Zealand (and the only group actually racing) ?

Check out the pages on this site ! we have the racing rules, the classes you can enter, and videos from our events.

Join our facebook group to keep up to date with all the action and gossip

New to racing ? Join our beginner friendly group to help build your new machine

Check our Contact Page if you want to Phone or Email a rep

We are all about RotorCross (miniquad racing blade-to-blade) around racing tracks with 4-5 racers in the air at a time. Also called “drone racing”. We run events up and down the country as part of a national series.

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Radio New Zealand interview with Chris Jackson

Held today (22-6-2015) with our very own Chris Jackson !

Click Here to go to the Interview

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Hamilton 19th July Championship Meeting – Update

Planning is well underway, only 10 tickets left (out of 50) On Event Finder

Kick Off around 9am for tech inspections, Pilot Briefing at 1o am , and racing starts at 11am. Be prepared, approximately 7 minutes between heats to get thru the expected 40 races on the day

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Drone Racing article on Stuff

Drone Racing Article – click here

Copied from the site

It’s the coolest sport you’ve never heard of, and now drone racing is exploding across New Zealand. Two leagues have kicked off since January, with the first national championship already underway, and a trans-Tasman battle planned for later in the year. 

The sport, which involves competitors racing camera-carrying drones through courses while watching a screen or via a pair of goggles, has taken off overseas. Already YouTube is full of videos showcasing the sport.


In January drone enthusiast Mat Wellington started up Rotorcross NZ, and held the league’s first race in March. Wellington says about 20 pilots turn out at each event, held roughly every two weeks around the country, and about as many spectators join the crowd. Group membership is at 50, and growing fast, he says. 

“It’s the closest sport to actually flying for real,” he says. “It’s a really immersive sport, really competitive, but everyone has a lot of fun too.”

Wellington started the national championship at the same time as the league, with points from regional competitions building towards a grand finale likely to be held next year. He’s also organising a group of six pilots to head across the ditch in December for a bit of trans-Tasman rivalry.

Rotorcross NZ, which is supported by Model Flying New Zealand, uses the more established club’s flying grounds for competitions, and also has “fun flying” days where people can come along to get a feel for the sport. 

It organises events through its Facebook page, and Wellington suspects the sport has taken off because it is much less expensive to crash a drone than other model flying machines. The hardy carbon fibre frames can endure impacts that would cost “hundreds and hundreds” of dollars to repair in another machine, he says. 


Waikato man Bruce Simpson – who attained world-wide fame when his attempts to build a backyard turbo jet in 2003 saw him labelled a global terror threat – is behind another drone racing group, the NZ Drone Racing League, and says he’s hoping to get approval for incorporated society status soon. 

The group started when he and a group of mates began meeting at the weekends to fly the little machines. After a few run-ins with the local council over safe spaces to fly, he managed to secure a spot on private land at Kinleith Mill, Tokoroa.

About eight people turn out from all over the central North Island each weekend, says Simpson, and the group always makes sure a pair of goggles (you can tune in to each racing drone and watch the view from their onboard camera) and an extra drone are around for any passers-by who get curious. 

“It started taking off probably about a year ago when things became cheap and relatively available,” he says. 

“The technology has been evolving for a number of years and it’s just got to the stage now where you could set yourself up for well under $1000 with a racing drone, and video glasses and all the stuff you need.”


Frankton Model Shop manager Nathan Toia, a drone flying enthusiast himself, agrees with the timeline. He says he noticed drone parts starting to fly out the shop door about a year ago. 

“Drone racing is very popular at the moment. We’re seeing a big increase in the sales of parts, people are building the drones themselves. 

“It’s a new clientele, people who don’t have any modelling experience in the past. They’re people who come from more of an electronics background.”

Toia reckons parts would make up less than five per cent of his sales currently, but expects it to grow to 20 per cent by next year. That pick up will largely be due to ready-to-fly models becoming available in the next few weeks, he says.

“There are a few overseas [ready-to-fly models] but they tend to be the cheapest components rather than what your racers want.”

But while there are still a “couple of spanners in the works” technologically speaking, and a few racing rules to iron out, all agree that there’s nothing likely to slow this trend down in the immediate future. 


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